Friday, October 22, 2010


Absolutely gorgeous day today. A wrote a little more of my novel in the morning and in the afternoon had a glass of wine with Mark McDean at the very famous Jimmy Watson's Wine Bar in Lygon Street. Unfortunately the wind was blowing those needle-like seeds from trees that line the road, which made me cough uncontrollably. Allan Watson was quite apologetic that we couldn't move from table outside front of premises to the courtyard, because a large group of people were expected to arrive from the Wine Festival at Flemington Racecourse. After a very warm day in Melbourne ~ nearly 29 degrees, I find it's unbelievably cool inside my Unit. Ah, tree lined Hawthorn, just beautiful.
Whilst I was in Carlton I was fortunate enough to speak with the man who plays a Bouzouki and his aboriginal friend who accompanies him on bongo drums. If you remember, I've previously posted a photo of them together on my blog. The aboriginal man's totem is a Whale and he told me that he saw a white Whale being born in his country. And talking about the color white; he told me that the word Gubbah, which aboriginals use to refer to white people is actually the word for Cockatoo, but more importantly it means black man returning.

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