Monday, September 27, 2010

Nothing to say

This is the first time in days that I've had my fingers on the keyboard and I really have nothing in particular I want to share. I feel quietened by some sad news and a number of other events and things I've had to think about. That quietness is not unfamiliar to me. I accept it because it's just the way it is. The hard rain in Melbourne this afternoon, whilst beautiful in the way that it caressed every surface, seemed to add to my already, not so much melancholy, but reflective mood. I'm still in that head space, hence, nothing to say and yet much to say that won't be said. I remind myself constantly that the past has gone and this moment and only this moment is important. The soft hum of the small electric fan on my gas heater ~ the glow of the grate, too orange to be called red as it burns. All and everything encapsulated in the now.

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