Sunday, August 15, 2010

Planet earth

I've tried to sleep and can't. The wind is buffeting the trees outside my apartment and the windows are rattling. Apart from that, it's quiet except for the footsteps on the stairs of someone returning home. I have lots to write and yet nothing that I really want to say. I was going to revisit my novel, add to it, edit, do something, but even that has gone astray because I'm tired from a day that has been demanding in so many ways. Hopefully, tomorrow will be more relaxing. I'm hoping to go to the performance of some of Percy Grainger's musical compositions at the NGV. But it begins early, perhaps too early if I stay up too late. Two hot cups of tea and maybe, just maybe I can go to bed and sleep. I suspect that I am not the only person awake. There must be other souls on the computer. I've suddenly thought of David Bowie's song ~ can't remember the name, but he's singing about Major Tom and he's lonely out in space. I feel like that at the moment ~ a body adrift. Only the sounds of my fingers hitting the keys. Haven't I written about this before somewhere? Must have. Anyway, time I think to head back to bed. This time, I will make the sound of the wind my friend, take it into my mind and hold it there and maybe then it won't be so disturbing. Goodnight ~ or should I so good morning. Whatever ~ time to, am I sitting in my tin can, far above the world. Planet earth is blue and there's nothing I can do.


  1. Beautiful writing results from your sleeplessness. I am writing this on 19/8 at 2.58am. Our minds and our bodies obey their needs and over-ride the RULES of what should be. Expression is sometimes a greater need than slumber. I like to read your blog and often go weeks and forget ( too busy with other RULES), now I've done a catch up, enjoyed the experience this MORNING....

    Love Lauren

  2. Thanks for appreciating my writing Lauren. I suppose it is the most consistent thing that I do. I had months at the beginning of Winter where I was getting only about 5 hours sleep per night, now, over the past few weeks I've been sleeping for 7-8 hours, which I'm thankful for. The notion of moving to another suburb is daunting and exciting.