Friday, August 13, 2010


Misty Melbourne morning 22 July. Photo: Julie Clarke 2010.

It's been one year since I began this blog and I chose the above photograph to mark the occasion because it depicts the old and the new ~ the atmospheric mist softens the rigid structures. The Melbourne Town Hall (on the left) has been in my life and memories for over half a century ~ a long time.

Moomba 1957 my grandmother dressed my younger sister in a sweet pink dress and white cardigan, swept her thick brown hair up into a tiny ponytail at the top of her head and tied it with a wide pink bow that she'd carefully ironed earlier that morning. Nan always dressed her in pink, my older sister in red and me in the color of autumn leaves ~ yellow, brown, green ~ colors I have rarely worn as an adult. Moomba ~ and Swanston Street was filled with people that seemed to coagulate in one big sea of faces that was spewed out like so much vomit outside Flinders Street railway station, down St. Kilda Road and up to the Melbourne Town Hall where the children sat cross-legged on the edge of gutter. I remember fearing the flood of children that threatened to devour me in their throng, but I loved the buildings - they were strong and quiet and just stood there, towering above us.


  1. and far away a mother pregnant with her 7th child wondered about the others she had left.She should not be judged or blamed, living at a time with no reliable contraception, when patriarchy ruled (still does)


  2. Don't think she even thought about contraception because she was brought up a Catholic and the doctrine was about women bearing large families. Patriarchy yes, totally agree!